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As you know, Cardio Oncology has attained a stature where there is significant interest and activity across the globe and in Asia as well. The International Cardio Oncology Society was founded in 2009, there are several Cardio Oncology journals and weekly virtual meetings are happening in this field.

In India, at least two conferences have been conducted in Cardio Oncology, one at TMH, Mumbai and the other at Amrita Institute, Kochi. Cardio Oncology clinics are being run at these two centres as well as at Apollo Hospital Chennai since years.    
We therefore feel it is the right time to come together as a medical society dedicated to this field. 

And we launched it with a superb Asian Cardio Oncology Society Inaugural Conference Series. This was scheduled every Thursdays at 700 pm - beginning 24th September 2020 (for seven programs and ended on 5th November 2020)

International Experts as faculty included: 
1.    Dr Susan Dent, Duke University, USA
2.    Dr Alok Khorana, Cleveland Clinic, USA 
3.    Dr Michael G. Fradley, University of Pennsylvania, USA
4.    Dr Teresa Lopes Fernandez, La Paz University Hospital, Spain
5.    Dr Chong Jun Hua, National Heart Centre Singapore
6.    Dr Arjun Ghosh, St Bartholomew Hospital, UK 
7.    Dr Taro Shiga, Cancer Institute Hospital of JFCR, Japan

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Dr. Vivek Agarwala
Hon. Secretary

Dr. Devi Shetty


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